remove icloud activation lock

Had you ever bought used iPhone? icloud activation is necessary for to have to face icloud login. icloud lock used to prevent anyone else if your phone stolen or loss but you don’t have owner details. icloud activation lock enabled automatically when you bought a new iPhone. Now you don’t need to go anywhere I am going to teach you best method that will help you to remove icloud activation lock.

remove icloud activation lock

Online Websites

Some websites provide unlock icloud activation service. They are paid service.
I recommended This site provides incredible service at a low price.

Contact Owner of phone or seller

you can easily remove icloud activation lock using ‘find my iPhone’ service. but you have to contact owner or seller. you can remove using from pc and smartphone.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock in iOS 2018

  • if you have other devices you can sign in your iCloud account on
  • if you have iPhone then go to find my phone app
  • choose your device and click on unlock
  • click on Erase option
  • after successfully done method remove an account

Quick Fix using Wifi

  • Go to Setting>> Wifi Option
  • go to ‘i’ option and connect wifi that you want
  • after that remove the DNS setting
  • now enter a new one that you want

if icloud lock successfully you will get a message.

Permanent fix Using Wifi

  • go to menu and choose application
  • select crash application
  • device will automatically restart
  • choose language and country.
  • select the right wifi settings
  • select ‘i’ option and connect to wifi network
  • you will get HTTP settings
  • click on menu option
  •  List out 30 emoticons on the server.
  • List 30 random characters in the port zone
  • You will find the unlock screen and language repeatedly.
  • Go on next sliding the unlock screen and click on the language option until Home screen is displayed.

last another method remove icloud activation lock

  1. hold sleep button and Home Button continually until appearing apple logo on a screen.
  2. select your language and country while restarting your phone and press home button.
  3. Go to more WiFI- option and tap on ‘i’ option.
  4. set HTTP proxy on the settings.
  5. clean address bar and click Globe icon.
  6. find the “PORT” and enter b (input some 10-30 random characters).
  7. Click back and click next.

after successfully unlock your device you have repeat language setting.

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