These days, we get calls from unknown numbers that are mostly spammers and telemarketers. when you reject them. they call again and again from different numbers. I also experienced this thing on daily basis.  these calls are frustrating, time-wasting, and disturbing. are you tired of this situation? are you thinking about how to stop these spam calls. then don’t worry I am going to share the best call blocker app for android smartphones.

we have chosen the best apps based on users’ overview and feedback. so check the list to get out of this problem.

The List of call blocker app for android

1. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

calls blacklist

Calls Blacklist app is used to block the call and SMS from unknown numbers. you can easily add telemarketers, spammers to the blacklist. after adding them to the blacklist, you are safe from unwanted calls. the app is really smart to recognize them. you can also stop the messages from the app. the app manages SMS service. you are able to send and receive messages from the app. you can manage the blacklisted number by adding more numbers.

2. Mr. Number

Mr number

Mr.Number is the best app to block calls from Fraud, Spammars, Telemarkets, and many more. you can handle the all call details from the app. the app gives you an alert when calling from an unknown number. you can easily identify the numbers through an alert. it is really time saves. you don’t need to pick up this time-wasting call. You can also report the other user for spammers. Mr. Number provides you all recent calls history so you can easily block the numbers.  you can also block the calls for area code, the whole country, etc.


Truecaller is the most used app for identify calls and block the numbers. it is one of the best call blocker app in the world. the app saves you from the disturbance of telemarketers, spam, and fraud.  the app shows the identity of any incoming calls. even you will get notified before incoming calls appear on the screen. you can also record the calls and save them to storage.

the app is also provide paid service . if you are paid using the app automatically blocks all unknown numbers. you can manage your calls, messages, history, etc. if you enable the advanced options you are able to block the specific country and similar digit numbers. free chat option available to chat with friends and family members. the app automatically syncs all bill dates, unpaid amounts to remember you. you can also search for unknown numbers to identify the name.

4. Showcaller


Showcaller is a similar app to truecaller. the app is simply fast and sage to use. the app saves you to from robocalls, spam calls, and telemarketers. the app provides the accurate name for the incoming calls. you can set automatically block the calls. show caller show the name with a number. you can save it directly from the app. this apps also gives you an alert for all unwanted numbers.  you can directly dial any number from the app and manage all calls and SMS. search any number with the phone number lookup option. Showcaller is really easy to use and simple navigation system. you can also use this app offline.

5. CallApp


CallApp has a lot of similarities with the true caller. check the name for all incoming calls.  the app is featured in tech magazines. CallApp has 85 million users worldwide. Caller block tool notified for all robocall and fraud calls. once you identify the number you can easily add them to the blacklist. the app provides you call recording feature to record all the incoming and outgoing numbers. the app provides an incognito mode for your privacy. you can know the identity name, birthdate, email, photo, country for the unknown number. the app is inbuilt with a lot of themes to customize the call prefrence.

So these are the top call blocker app for android in 2021. if you want to know the similar apps for call identity you can inform us. we will try to cover your requirements. if you like this post you can share it with your friends and family. it gives us hope to share more content with you.

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